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Ulrich Mannchen (1984) was born and raised in Frankonia, Germany. At an early age, he discovered his passion for photography and through the counsel of Jan Schlegel, he developed his skills and his love for analog black and white portrait photography. 

Ulrich Mannchen believes that photography opens portals through which unseen patterns become visible. Portals that show our connection to the hidden magical world, all around us. Dreams and longings for adventurous heroes and vicious villains. Reminders of childhood quests, treasures, joys and play. Yet also thrill, chill and nightmares.

Ulrich Mannchen works at the "White Rabbit Arts Collective e.V." in Nürnberg Germany.


The pictures are silver gelantin prints, taken with a wooden 4x5 large format camera on traditional black and white film and developed with Kodak D76. The photographs from the Portal series are black and white prints, hand colored with high quality  photo oils.
None of the pictures are digitally edited.